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Thursday, February 16, 2006

White House to Cut Overseas “Family Planning” AID 18%

Hilary White

WASHINGTON, February 16, 2006 ( – Today the White House announced that funding for “family planning” organizations, which has been maintained at the same level as the last year of the Clinton administration, would be cut 18 %. Family planning aid, which has included money to condom suppliers and was being maintained at $425 million annually, will be cut to $357 million.

Rep. Nita Lowey, a New York Democrat, told the New York Times, “It's ironic that an administration outwardly committed to reducing the incidence of abortion would take away valuable tools for preventing unwanted pregnancies.”

While Democrats and abortion promoters complained, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) spokesman praised the new budget. Ed Fox, USAID Assistant Administrator, said the proposed increases for initiatives fighting sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and malaria will help women. Fox said this is a better budget than previous years for women's health.

Studies have shown that the emphasis on the distribution of condoms has dramatically increased levels of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS in both developed and developing countries.

Some international aid workers have complained that the countries they are trying to help are “awash” in condoms but cannot get basic necessities like fresh water and antibiotics. When Bush stripped federal funding from the United Nations Population Fund, one of the world’s most active abortion promoters, Canada stepped in to make up the shortfall.

Last week, Britain announced it would be upping its funding to Planned Parenthood, a decision that the British administration admitted was in response to the Bush funding cuts.

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