Pro Pontiff, Pro-Magisterial, Pro-life, Pro-family. These articles reflect these values and I believe should be Interesting to Catholics. If there are any article I have missed, or you feel should not be here, or you agree/disagree with, then please feel free to post a comment.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

News Bites

Vatican Dossier

  1. Benedict XVI Says Microcredits Can Be a Good Tool

  2. Pope Sees Value As Area for Orthodox Collaboration

  3. Cardinal Ce to Preach at Pope's Spiritual Exercises

  4. Papal Prayer Intention: Growth in Mission Awareness

  5. Gypsies: Pastoral Action in Appreciation of Their Culture

  6. Spiritual Exercises of Pope and Roman Curia

  7. Other Pontifical Acts

  8. Vatican to commemorate first anniversary of passing of John Paul II


  1. Calgary Herald: It's Time for Canada to Place Gestational Limits on Abortions

  2. Abortion Legislation advances in Georgia

  3. Pro-Life Leader Hails Supreme Court Ruling

  4. President Bush Supports Abortion in Cases of Rape and Incest Says Official Spokesman

  5. Joe Scheidler Wins Unanimous Supreme Court Ruling against N.O.W.

  6. Abortion Laws Do Not Always Require Health Exceptions Says Sixth Circuit Appeals Ruling

  7. HBO Promotes Polygamy With "Big Love" Series

  8. Abortionists Admit Humanity of Unborn; Now Claiming Right to Feel Good About Killing

  9. Christian Leaders Sees Roe V. Wade Collapsing, But Pro-Lifer Urges Patience

  10. Fidelis urges South Dakota governor to sign abortion ban

  11. Pro-life groups launch effort to protect dignity of human embryo

World Features

  1. Daffur Refugees Hear of Pope’s Concern ~ Cardinal Sepe Visiting Sudan

  2. Ghanaian is Living proof CRS' Operation Rice Bowl is effective

  3. Polish Church investigares spies

  4. U.S Opposes Establishment of U.N. "Human Rights Council"

  5. No papal visit unless North Korea admits priests, says new cardinal

  6. Hard to fight morphing terrorism in South-East Asia

  7. Most Palestinians want peace with Israel, survey says

  8. Communist Party in crisis: 20 million members go to church or temple

  9. Cardinal Cheong: "Pope's visit unthinkable while repression in north last"

News Briefs

  1. Two Ordained in Vietnam After 40-Year Wait Communist Takeover Led to Long Delay

  2. Despite difficult year, Catholic Charities chief sees signs of hope

  3. Is IRS Investigation Intended to Protect - Or Prohibit - Churches from Politics?

  4. Archdiocese Facing Parent Complaints over " Talking about Touching" Sex-Ed Program

  5. Thousands of People are rediscovering Christianity... and all thanks to the baby Jesus

  6. Vatican artifacts on display at Milwaukee museum

Views, Interviews, and Commentaries

  1. On the Pope's Upcoming Trip to Poland ~ Interview with Bishop Ncyz

  2. Pope Appoints Zen To Restore Vatican Rule

  3. From Anglican to married Catholic priest

  4. Vatican Perfect Says Difficult for Gay Priests to Represent Christ

  5. Catholic Church can have greater impact in political discourse, analysts say

  6. Evangelization is main challenge for Church in Venezuela, says cardinal-designate

  7. Cardinal Cipriani: Interior pilgrimage should lead us to Christ


  1. Picking the Day Lent Begins ~ And More on Polygamy


  1. Papal Address to Doctrinal Congregation ~ "Service to the Fatih ... Is Also a Service to Joy"

Of Possible Saints

  1. Author says McGivney bio could help restore respect for priest

Butt-head Award nominees

  1. Stable marriages, even gay ones, are what society needs

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