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Monday, February 27, 2006

News Bites

Of the Pope and the Vatican

  1. Pope: God does not differentiare between the newly-conceived, the child or the adult

  2. Pope to the young: the Bible, a compass that indicates the path to follow

  3. Pope Benedict calls the youth to be "a new generation of apostles anchored firmly in the word of Christ"

  4. Do not allow Lent to become heavy, burdensom, but apporach with a new spirit, Pope tells faithful

  5. Facing threats to the faith together: Pope affirms commitment to building unity with Greek Orthodox Church

  6. Pope Benedict: Lenten practices express faith, not burden

  7. God loves humans from womb to tomb, pope tells Vatican academy

  8. Love the Scriptures, Love the Church, Pope urges youth

  9. Rome plans anniversary commemoration for Pope John Paul II

  10. Pope thanks Roman police for extra work

  11. Canadian Governor General meets with Pope

  12. Lent brings busy schedule of papal liturgies

  13. Embryos are human beings, Pope insists

  14. Openly gay Priest at odds as Christ's representatives, says Vatican doctrine head

  15. Greek Orthodox: Together Let Us Affirm Christian Values

  16. Message for Twenty-First World Youth Day

  17. Audiences


  1. Protecting life against death culture

  2. 4,000 young people stand up for sexual purity

  3. Embryo is a child with special relationship to God and parents, says Vatican official

  4. German bishops, politicians, discuss future policies on the family

  5. Scotland Bishop Blasts Parliament Decision to Allow Gay Adoption

Related to the Church

  1. Lenten radio retreats in English, Spanish


  1. Whites not allowed inside famous Hindu temple

  2. Landmark judgement leads to convictions in Gujarat massacre case

  3. Canadian Media Company "gives the finger" to Catholicism in New Zealand


  1. Call to mutual respect of faith values

  2. Freedom of expression is not freedom to offend others, says Vatican spokesman

  3. Joint Jewish-Catholic social programs discussed in Vatican meeting

Views, Interviews, and Commentaries

  1. Reclaiming roots - Catholics need to rediscover fasting, author says

  2. 'Megachallenges' facing Catholic Church, Vatican observer suggests

  3. Benedict emerging as "teaching pope", Vatican journalist-observer says

Other News Bites

  1. "Protector of Children" missionary moves closer to beatification

  2. Nigerian Bishops condemn violence sweeping the country

  3. Two priest arrested in China, group says Olympic Committee should canceling 2008 games in China

  4. Nunio in Iraq reassigned to Philippines

Butt-head awards

  1. Kenya: breakaway priest forms new sect

  2. Quebec Priest Bash Church on Homosexuality - Real Problem is the Bishops

February 25, 2006

  1. O,Malley returns to Boston for first time since cardinal announcement

  2. Peter's Pence: Communion with Pope and attention to Needs

  3. Thanks to Rome's Municipal Police For Their Service

  4. Archbishop Tomasi Addresses Question of Maritime Work

  5. Saint Joseph, Encouragement on the path to the Priesthood

  6. Other Pontifical Acts

  7. The Joy of Fasting

February 26, 2006

  1. Pope: God will call to account those who spill "brother's blood" in "His name"

  2. Approach Lent With a New Spirit

  3. God will call to account those who spill blood in his name

  4. Each Human Being is a reflection of Divine Reality

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