Pro Pontiff, Pro-Magisterial, Pro-life, Pro-family. These articles reflect these values and I believe should be Interesting to Catholics. If there are any article I have missed, or you feel should not be here, or you agree/disagree with, then please feel free to post a comment.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

News Bites

Of the Pope and The Vatican

  1. Pope enters row over Prophet cartoons, Violence subsides

  2. Pope recalls one-year anniversary of death of Communion and Liberation founder

  3. Pope calls for end to cartoon-sparked violence in Nigeria

  4. Telegram For Clashes in Nigeria

  5. Pope Recalls Don Giussani On First Anniversary Of His Death

  6. Vatican Radio: A Birdge Between The Pope And The World

  7. Other Pontifical Acts

  8. Vatican Radio at 75: a bridge between the universal Church and societies, cultures of the world

Of Possible Saints

  1. Former top official at Vatican bank dies in Phoenix

  2. Pope remembers Father Giussani on the first anniversary of his death

  3. Long-time head of Vatican bank dies at 84

  4. 250,000 witness transfer of Sister Lucia' remains to Fatima


  1. Outlawing Abortion Doesn't Increase Maternal Mortality UN Data Shows

  2. Teachers looking for people to be sterilized

  3. Women to recieve more abortion counseling

  4. U.S. Supreme Court to consideer constitutionality of partial-birth abortion ban

  5. US Supreme Court to hear key abortion case

  6. Phillippines Bishops Institute Mandatory Pro-Life Course Without Which Sacraments Denied

  7. "Pro-Choice" Position is Heresy Says Oregon Catholic Bishop

  8. Nova Scotia Premier is Pro-Life

Church Appointments

  1. Archbishop Martin 'may be appointed as cardinal this week'

  2. Korea Could Get Second Cardinal


  1. Gao: "Anti-Christian persecution destroys purest values"

  2. Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Catholicism and Free Speech Makes it Jumpy

  3. New documentary tells tales of Christian persecution

  4. New Zealand Catholic Church denounces "Bloody Mary" South Park airing

Interest to the Church

  1. Cardinal McCarrick takes on plight of Holy Land Christians

  2. Cardinal Sepe encourages Sudanese seminarians


  1. Seven Pilgrimage Churches of Rome

  2. What Does a Roman Catholic cardinal do?


  1. Conference to mark 40th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, discuss Islam

  2. Australian cardinal protest target over Catholic conscience teaching

  3. Cardinal to Muslims: reciprocate on religious freedom

  4. Poland University Bans "I didn't cry when the Pope died" T-shirts

Views, Interviews, and Disasters

  1. Educating Our Youth: Every Catholic's Right and Responsibility

  2. New Orleans priest rethink future ministry in post-katrina plan


  1. Mexican bishop reaching out to family members of trapped miners

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