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Friday, February 17, 2006

News Bites

Of the Pope and the Vatican

  1. Lebanon holds a special place in the Pope’s heart, says Siniora

  2. Engage in modern cultural debate, defend truths of Church, Pope tells Italian Catholic journalists

  3. Papal condolences for Philippine mudslide victims

  4. Pope, Lebanese premier discuss Islamic outrage

  5. Confront cultural relativism, Pope asks Jesuit editors

  6. Pope's Homily on World Day of Consecrated Life "An Eloquent Sign of the Presence of God's Kingdom"

  7. Evangelization Needs Dialogue With Modernity, Says Pope Addresses Staff of La Civiltà Cattolica



  10. IN BRIEF


Slain Priests

  1. Investigation into murder of Mexican cardinal re-opened

  2. Mexico re-opens inquiry into killing of cardinal


  1. Peruvian bishop argues science has not disproved abortifacient effect of morning after pill

  2. More than 50 percent of marriages in which the couples lived together before they married end in divorce, James Healy, director of the Office of Family Ministry for the Diocese of Joliet, told a group

  3. Spokesman for Spanish bishops slams new law on assisted reproduction

  4. Catholic League demands that anti-Catholic ads be pulled

  5. Is hospice movement going beyond end-of-life care to hastening death?

  6. Health care system inequities test Catholic leaders, Congress

  7. Philippine Catholics rally against 'anti-family' bills

  8. Adultery Agency gets Regular Coverage from CBC on St. Valentine’s Day

  9. Australian Leading Democrat on RU-486 – Some May Die But It’s Worth the Risk

  10. New York Appeals Court Rules Against Gay “Marriage”

  11. French government commission rejects same-sex marriage

  12. Spanish bishops' conference decries new law on assisted reproduction

  13. Australian pro-lifers saddened by RU-486 approval

Mohammad Cartoons


Interest to the Church

  1. Vatican confirms the appointment of Elias Shakur as Archbishop of the Greek-Catholic Melkite Church

  2. New archbishop of San Francisco sets out pastoral plan

  3. Joan of Arc remains found? Church cautious

  4. Catholic bishop criticizes 'Vagina Monologues' at Notre Dame

  5. Greek Orthodox leader plans visit to Vatican

  6. Belgian missionary, accused of genocide, wins peace prize

  7. Russian Orthodox prelate to visit Pope?

  8. Spanish foreign minister on fence-mending visit to Vatican


  1. Why Go to Confession? (Part 1) Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Bruno Forte

  2. Father Cantalamessa on the Repentance of Praise Comments on Jesus' Cure of the Paralytic

  3. The Enlightenment's Impact on the Mass Father Jonathan Robinson on Recovering the Liturgy


  1. Apostolic Nuncio exhorts Mexicans to vote responsibly

  2. Rumors of a Third Nominee to Supreme Court

  3. Vatican diplomats worried by nuclear proliferation, religious freedom in Islamic countries

  4. Social Teaching Offers Common Ground, Says Cardinal President of Justice and Peace Council Visits Cuba

View, Interviews, and Commentaries

  1. Can Islam and Christianity coexist? Vatican expert hopeful, but wary

  2. Church must be more open with media, say Australian bishops

  3. Russia’s Chief Rabbi: Perverse Gay Pride as Bad as Anti-Religious Cartoons

  4. Spanish Bishop Compares Prime Minister Zapatero to Roman Tyrant Caligula

  5. Media’s Cowardice Pales Next to Politicians

  6. The Swedish Media Massage

  7. Questions Answered on Organ Donation: Interview with Dr. John B. Shea M.D.

  8. The Saints of John Paul II A Way to Counter Secularism Within the Church?


  1. KYRGYZSTAN: Intolerance against Christians highlighted by murder

General Interest

  1. Police arrest important dissident monk

  2. Gao Zhisheng, the lawyer “who defies the Communist Party”

  3. Women's Cancer Deaths Up, Men's Down -- Women's Group Berates American Cancer


  1. Caritas Monitoring Landslide Disaster in Philippines 200 Dead, 1,500 Missing in Leyte

Knot-Head Award Nomenee

  1. France Bishop Wants Pope Benedict to Allow Contraception

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