Pro Pontiff, Pro-Magisterial, Pro-life, Pro-family. These articles reflect these values and I believe should be Interesting to Catholics. If there are any article I have missed, or you feel should not be here, or you agree/disagree with, then please feel free to post a comment.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

News Bites

Of the Pope and the Vatican

  1. Vatican to release new pastoral document on care of often persecuted Gypsies

  2. Audiences

Church Appointments

  1. Vatican elevates Levada to cardinal - New doctrine chief is now eligible to vote for next pope

  2. New cardinals express joy at news of appointment

  3. Massachusetts faithful elated, surprised over O'Malley's elevation to Cardinal

  4. Archbishop of Toledo thankful for red hat, reaffirms mission to serve


  1. Speaking the Truth With Strength: The Pro-choice Heresy

  2. Catholics fight proposal to oblige hospitals to provide 'morning after pill'

  3. South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban, bill a Roe V. Wade challenge

  4. Ontario Government Proposes the Wrong Reforms for Human Rights Commission

  5. Irish Newspaper Poll Suggests Majority Favour Gay "Marriage" and Adoption

  6. Supreme Court of Canada Rejects Case on Public Funding for Abortion in Private Clinics

  7. Allstate Employee fired for Views on Homosexuality Settles Out of Court

  8. At Least 16 U.S. States Working to Ban Gay and Lesbian Adoptions


  1. Was Ishmael the Sacrifice?

Church Related

  1. Pope's cardinal choice "honors China"

  2. Greek seminarians, priests to make historic visit to Rome; seek understanding between Orthodox and Catholic faith

  3. L.A. Catholic radio, 24/7, in Spanish: ' A big net that God is throwing out'


  1. Almost no place for minority religions on Bhutan's national TV

  2. The Bishop of Ratisbon cuts financing of main secular organization, in move to counter groups hostile to the Church

  3. EU official condemns attacks on Catholic churches

  4. Bosnian bishops: Catholics in some regions near extinction

  5. Nepal Catholics persevere amid Maoist-gov't conflict

  6. Belarus: Pressure mounts on two more Minsk Protestant churches

Possible Saints

  1. North American nun closer to sainthood, second miracle attributed

  2. Chileans moved by testimony of young priest who succumbed to cancer

Views, Interviews, and Commentaries

  1. Remove Lahoud from office only in accordance with the law, says Cardinal Sfeir

  2. There's a lot of Asia in the Church's future

  3. I want to offer new hope to the nameless poor, says Cardinal Rosales

  4. Cardinal Cheong: "Seoul, Manila and Hong Kong together for Asia evangelization"

  5. New Venezuelan cardinal says appointment means greater service to the Church

  6. Polish bishops to Catholic median: Don't become political tools

  7. Armenia: Will new alternative service law end defiance of Council of Europe?

Other News Bites

  1. Ken Blackwell, Ohio Politican, Owed Apology

  2. Chinese Official warns newly appointed Cardinal, Bishop Zen, not to interfere into politics

  3. Alaska, N.Y. courts dismiss abuse lawsuits

  4. Ulster MLA Opposes Proposed "Amnesty" for Men Who Use Prostitutes

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