Pro Pontiff, Pro-Magisterial, Pro-life, Pro-family. These articles reflect these values and I believe should be Interesting to Catholics. If there are any article I have missed, or you feel should not be here, or you agree/disagree with, then please feel free to post a comment.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

News Bites

Of the Pope and the Vatican

  1. Pope says Christians must together witness God’s divine love to world

  2. A Clear and Coherent Direction in the Beginning of Pope Benedict’s Pontificate, says Vatican Expert

  3. Pope may celebrate Mass in Munich during upcoming visit to Germany

  4. Quelling rumors, Pope confirms Italian bishops' leader

  5. Pope Backs More Collaboration With World Council of Churches In Message on Occasion of Meeting in Brazil

  6. Papal Address to Members of Roman Rota "Love for the Truth, the Meeting Point Between Canon Law and Pastoral Ministry"

  7. Vatican remains quiet on Pope's high-level consultations


  9. Solid Partnership with the world council of Churches


Slain Priest

  1. Vandals believed to be behind killing of elderly missionary priest in Angola


  1. Law Would Inform Women Seeking Abortion That Life Begins at Conception

  2. U.S. Investigates Four Deaths Linked to Abortifacient RU-486

  3. Senator withdraws support for ban on human cloning

  4. Senate plans marriage amendment vote, bishops ‘support in principle’

  5. "St. Valentines Day is a Celebration of Marriage, Not One Night Stands" Says Priest

  6. UK Home Office Accused of Anti-Christian Bias


  1. Priests Must Live a Martyr's Life

  2. Priest's Location during Communion

  3. Polygamy, Sons and the Priesthood And More on Purification

Interest to Church

  1. Ad campaign discredits Catholic hospitals

  2. Polish lead EU in Sunday church attendance

  3. Will Vatican, Lefebvrites reconcile? Pope, officials discuss impasse solution

  4. Appointment of Catholic bishops in China a major concern for Vatican

  5. Cardinal Ruini Staying On as President of Bishops' ConferenceBenedict XVI Confirms Him in an Office He's Held Since 1991

  6. World Apostolate of Fatima Sees Status Upgraded Now a Public Association of the Faithful

  7. Pope's Message on Assembly of World Council of Churches "We Look Forward to Continuing This Journey of Hope"


  1. Olympic underdog biathlete finds calm, strength in praying novena

  2. Athlete entrusts Olympic dream to Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Other News Bites


  2. Papal ire as Berlusconi says he is 'political Jesus'

  3. With Court's Permission, Children Can Hand Out 'Religious' Valentines

  4. Colombian bishops travel to Cuba for talks with rebel leaders

  5. Seek 'pro-life, pro-poor' lawmakers, activists told

  6. Prelate's Commentary on the Mohammed Drawings "If the Other Really Became My Brother!"

Knot-Head Nominee

  1. Don't preach to scientists in evolution row: Kueng

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