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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News Bites

Of The Pope And the Vatican

  1. Pope Calls All Cardinals to Rome

  2. On Feast of Chair of St. Peter "A Privileged Sign of the Love of God"

  3. Chair of St. Peter: Honor and Obligation For Roman Church

  4. Pope Encourage the Study of Latin

  5. Benedict XVI Names 15 New Cardinals

Church Appointments

  1. Cardinal Ratzinger's Successor to Get A Red Hat U.S. Archbishop William Levada

  2. Cardinal-designate Levada to be first to get red hat from pope

  3. Boston's new cardinal: A Capuchin priest called in as troubleshooter


  1. Cardinal Gaudencio B. Rosales

  2. Cardinal Nicholas Cheong jin-suk

  3. Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun


  1. Prelates' Aide Welcomes Court Move on Abortion

  2. United Nations Pushing Abortion Politics in Peru

  3. Prime Minister harper Axe's a Prime Mover of Same Sex "Marriage"

  4. Canadian Teens Say Parents, Not Sex-Ed, is Best for Info on Healthy Sexuality

  5. Firing of Unwed Pregnant Teacher from Catholic School Opposed by Pro-Life Group

  6. USAID Funding for Peruvian feminists to be cut off over support for morning after pill

  7. Bishop Calls New Spanish Law on Reproduction "monstrosity"

Church Related

  1. Announcement of Consistoryfor 15 New Cardinals "To Help and Support Peter's Successor"

  2. Mexican bishop warns Catholics against deceptive cults

  3. Chicago missions encourage evangelization, faith growth


  1. UK Immigrants Faking Gay Civil Unions as Quick Ticket to Passports

  2. Salvadoran archbishop says failure to vote "Sin of Omission"

  3. Hillary Clinton's Demagogic Response to Vouchers

  4. Maoist Rebels Kidnap and Indoctrinate Children

  5. Massachusetts Tells Catholic Church it Must Permit Homosexual Adoption

  6. US Bishops congratulate Haitian people and President-elect Preval


  1. Armenia: Nearly 50 Jehovah's Witness and Molokan Prisoners of Conscience

  2. Tajikistan: Demolition of Country's Only Synagogue Begins

  3. Thomas More Law Center asks court to rehear case on Nativity ban

  4. Sangla Hill Christian Accused of Blasphemy Released

View, Interviews, Commentaries

  1. Lebanon, "a Message of Peaceful Coexistence" Interview With General Michel Aoun

  2. The Righteous Amid Horrors of the Holocaust - Interview with a Yad Vashem Commission Member

  3. My appointment is a sign of the Pope's goodwill towards China, says new Cardinal Zen

  4. Cardinal Zen a great help for unity, development of Chinese Church, says underground bishop

General Interest

  1. Religious Schools in UK to Teach About All Religions

  2. Church can use banned hallucinogen in rituals, Court rules unanimously

  3. Experts Wonder: Why no mention of Shroud of Turin in NBC Olympic Coverage

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