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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Planned Parenthood Caught Concealing Rape of 11-Year-Old

Planned Parenthood’s San Francisco office has removed a letter from its website that purported to be from a girl thanking the organization for not telling her parents that she has been raped when she was eleven by her then-17-year-old “boyfriend.” “Planned Parenthood helped me deal with the aftermath of the rape allowing me to deal and cope as best as I could in my own way,” the letter said.

American Life League’s affiliate, STOPP International said that Planned Parenthood removed the letter from their website after it caught the attention of their own and other pro-life groups.

Jim Sedlak, executive director of STOPP International said, “Planned Parenthood acts as if it is exempt from the law. The organization knows it is mandated to report suspected cases of sexual abuse involving minors, yet it seemingly fails to do so.”

STOPP International is calling on California’s Attorney General to investigate Planned Parenthood’s practices.

Under the title, “It keeps us safe” the unsigned letter said that Planned Parenthood had provided the girl with birth control pills when she “decided to start having sex,” at age 14. The letter said that the girl, now 17, had also been provided with testing for sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV, four times. Nothing in the letter indicated that Planned Parenthood had alerted the authorities about the rape or had tried to discourage the girl from underage sex.

Under the California penal code, the legal age of consent is 18, and anyone who has sexual relations with a child can be found guilty of a felony. According to recent statistics, in California, almost 70% of teen births are fathered by adult men.

In 2002, the Texas-based pro-life group, Life Dynamics surveyed 800 abortion facilities and revealed that in 91% of cases, the facility staff agreed to conceal cases of statutory rape.

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