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Monday, December 19, 2005

Former President Clinton Does Tribute Video for Elton John Gay "Wedding"

John-Henry Westen

LONDON, December 19, 2005 ( - Former US President Bill Clinton has done a one-minute video congratulating musician Elton John on his upcoming homosexual 'marriage'. According to the British paper, The Mirror, on the tape, which is to be played tonight at John's pre-'wedding' bash, Clinton says, "If there were more people in the world like Elton, then the world would be a better place."

Despite his support for Elton John's homosexual union, Clinton's political manoeuvres on homosexual 'marriage' were dictated by political expedience rather than conviction. It was after all President Clinton, and not President George W. Bush who signed into law a bill enshrining the traditional definition of marriage and barring federal recognition of same-sex unions performed in any state. In 1996, after a court in Hawaii struck down a ban on same-sex marriages, Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act.

Moreover, after John Kerry's defeat, Clinton blamed the loss on the same-sex 'marriage' issue. The Utica Observer Dispatch reported Clinton as saying that the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision allowing homosexual 'marriage' was a negative for Kerry. "With one decision of one Supreme Court, all of a sudden we have a constitutional amendment designed, I think, to whip people up, to inflame them, make them stop thinking about other issues," said Clinton. He added that the issue resulted in "an astonishing turnout among evangelical Christians who were voting on the basis of moral values."

Clinton's association with the musician is longstanding. A letter from Elton John to President Clinton can be found in the Clinton Presidential Library, along with letters from Mr. Rogers and Arsenio Hall.


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