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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Use of Words Effective Tool in Promoting Radical Ideologies

James Lambert

Let's face it, over the years, the politically correct have been effective in requiring the public and the media to use terminology they have reinvented to engage in philosophical debate. While the spectrum might be broad, it is clear that this use of philosophically-friendly words has gone a long way in winning over people who may never have entertained such ideology in the first place.

Political correctness has played a huge part in contributing to the general atmosphere in the media where clever word usage is an important tool in changing public thought and or policy. Here are some interesting examples of the ways words have been redefined to persuade:

  • Choice — Who isn't for choice? Everyone is for choice! Yet this word has been used by for several decades to eliminate any negative connotation when discussing abortion. "Pro-choice" is certainly a better term than "pro-abortion." Abortions are in an ugly business. In most cases the baby is extracted from the uterus, often dismembered. Yet whose choice is it? It may be the choice of the mother, but how about the baby who does not have a choice? The reality of abortion is something abortionists don't want to debate.

  • Gay — For centuries, gay was defined as "merry, happily excited or lively." Homosexual activists have reinvented this word to define their lifestyle. It's odd, isn't it, that the term "gay" would be used to describe a lifestyle than (on average) lowers the life expectancy of homosexual males by over 20 years? That's according to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta — not a statistic just dreamed up by opponents of homosexuality.

  • Fundamentalists — The meaning of this term has changed over time into one with a very negative connotation. Especially since 9-11, have used it to compare Christians to Wahabe Islamists and the Taliban. While this comparison is absurd, the media have used it to wage war against religious Christians. They do this in part by demonizing Christians and by calling them "fundamentalists." They imply that all orthodox Christians want a theocracy, condemn others to hell, wish to punish sinners, and militantly want to force their religious beliefs on others.

  • Intolerant — Webster's definition of this word is "unable to endure, unwilling to endure, or unwilling to grant equal freedom of expression especially in religious matters or other social, political or professional rights." Opponents of Christianity have effectively eliminated the "religious matters" part. They see all religion, especially the Christian religion, as intolerant. The use of this word reveals their goal of avoiding all forms of judgment on their program. If anyone critically question these ideas, they are immediately labeled as "intolerant."

  • Homophobic — This term cannot even be found in my Webster's dictionary. Yet we have seen this term applied to anyone who disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. This is yet another way for radical homosexuals and lesbians to intimidate and harass any who dare oppose them in the political and social arena.

  • Diversity — This word reeks of political correctness. While diversity is a good word that describes "a condition of differences," the word is also used to put forth the notion that any kind of differentiation is bad. In this world, making personal judgment calls is wrong — and diversity tells us that every lifestyle should be accepted and promoted.

All pundits of various social, political and cultural persuasions prefer to use key words in making their point. (Personally I like to refer to owners in the adult industry as "smut peddlers.") Even so, I have found most pundits have been effective in using their favorite words to direct public opinion their way. Perhaps they would not be as effective without their friends in mainstream media.

But like other long-time newspaper readers, I've grown tired of news stories becoming an "analysis" for certain causes. Maybe this is why we have seen newspaper readership drop steadily over the years, and alternative media becoming more popular. Just food for thought!

  • James L. Lambert, a frequent contributor to AgapePress, is the author of Porn in America (Huntington House), which can be purchased through the American Family Association. He is a licensed real-estate mortgage loan sales agent and can be contacted through his website

  • (This article courtesy of Agape Press.)

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