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Friday, March 03, 2006

News Bites

Vatican Dossier

  1. Benedict backs greater role for women

  2. Vatican calls on U.N. to strengthen policies promoting dignity of women

  3. Pope tells Roman Clergy: 'ultimate significance of Cross, is offering of self to others'

  4. Vatican Radio serves truth of Christ, builds world reconciliation, says Pope during visit

  5. Pope: Catholic Church should discussed expanded women's roles

  6. Traditional Lenten Meeting With the Clergy of Rome

  7. Pope's Address on Vatican Radio

  8. Benedict XVI's Discourse to Roman Major Seminary

  9. Holy See's Address on Violence Against Women

  10. Pope Visits Vatican Radio For Its 75th Anniversary

  11. Design Policies to Favor Women

  12. Other Pontifical Acts


  1. "Sexual liberation" cause of disorders in one in four German youth

  2. Pro-Life, pro-family Catholic politician under fire for gay rights fund-raiser speech

  3. Americans said not to understand Roe v. Wade

  4. Massachusetts politicians oppose bishops on gay adoptions

  5. National Post Article Criticizes Harper for Avoiding Abortion Issue

  6. Canadian Bishops Conference Website Cited for Problems with Fidelity

  7. Abortion and African-Americans

World Features

  1. Firecrackers go off in Nazareth basilica; government embarrassed

  2. Bishop from north: respect ceasefire "at all costs"

  3. Church in Germany to send Lenten Biblical passage via cell phone text messaging

  4. Arroyo lifts state of emergency

  5. Philippine Catholic bishops: Crisis may not be over with state of emergency lifting

  6. Kenyan bishop defends press freedom after government raid

News Briefs

  1. Cardinal Sean O'Malley to address Jewish community

  2. Los Angeles Times and New York Times Cheer Religious Speech

  3. Boston Bishop may be poised to regain control over controversial Catholic Charities

  4. Catholic Charities share goals, frustrations of recent post-Katrina efforts

  5. Florida Town to Ban Abortion, Contraception, Pornography

  6. Anglican-Catholic talks to continue, says bishop

  7. Massachusetts Bishop Refuses to Present Award to Pro-Abortion Honoree

Views, Interviews, and Commentaries

  1. Vatican slams Guantanamo Bay

  2. Human dignity not being fully respected in Guantanamo prison says Cardinal Martino

  3. Dropping papal title does not advance ties, Orthodox prelate says

  4. Lone Canadian Bishop Responds to Priests' Dissent: "Forget About it"

Slain Priests

  1. Mother Forgives Priest Son's Turkish Murderer


  1. New Rules Don't Bring More Religious Freedom to China

  2. Albany Lawmakers Must Censure Adele Cohen

  3. Bishop decries silence of political leaders in response to attacks on Christianity in Spain

  4. Belarus: Why can't believers speak on social themes?


  1. Chicago cardinal won't resign, church officials say


  1. Origins of Lent

  2. Ash Wednesday message points to need for God, says Biloxi Bishop


  1. Father Cantalamessa on Creating "a Bit of Desert"


  1. Another Kind of Catholic: Breakaway groups reject Vatican teaching on issues such as priestly celibacy and divorce

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